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Making Space

Welcome to Durban Architecture!

The job of an architect is all about creating and improving spaces, whether it's by building new exciting spaces, or reorganising existing space.

Durban Architecture is small enough to have great time with lovely clients, and experienced enough to produce beautiful buildings!

So we'd love to meet you to discuss your ideas!

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Imagining it

Whatever type of space you're trying to create it helps everyone to see it in three dimensions at the earliest possible stage.

For that reason we always create our building designs in 3D software from the outset - from the smallest project to the largest.


Durban Architecture believes that we should be as kind as possible to the world we live in.

So whether you simply want to use non-volatile timber preservative, or you want to build a full-blown "Passivhaus" we'll be speaking the same language.


Philip Durban



I'm Philip Durban and since qualifying as an RIBA Chartered Architect over twenty years ago I've worked for some good companies and I've also worked in my own company.

My experience of architecture is pretty wide-ranging - everything from university buildings to timber-framed extensions - and a big mix of new-build and refurbishment.

My "pinnacle" so far has been designing a beach house in Jersey, as Project Architect, whilst a director of Hudson Architects in Norwich. That project won a fistful of awards in 2016 - including being a Grand Designs "House of the Year" finalist. Perhaps you saw it?

So if you'd like me to pop over to see your prospective project - just fill in this form!

Or if you'd like to know what makes me tick architecturally have a look at my profile.

All the best,